Vision Boards & Manifesting  Workshops

There are three levels for this topic which are all dymamic, unique and intensive. Prepare to call into action and focus on your intention! 

This workshop will teach you to get really clear about what it is that you would like in your life.  It will teach you to take the next steps so you enter into a powerful state of being and it will support you as you focus on increasing your energy vibration through practical information and exercises so you can have fun and begin manifesting in your life. 

Over the three workshops you are taking steps and moving into a new level each time. Over the various levels you will learn something different each time and add to the previous workshop or board that you have created. If you wish to find out more about each level please contact me directly; Contact

  • How to create your vision board, practical exercise and creation of Vision board
  • Incorporating your vision board into your daily and weekly life and removing blockages
  • How to incorporate your vision board into your home energy map
  • In-depth talk on how to be practical and bring ideas into reality
  • Demonstration & exercises to hone our awareness and to allow us to "tune” into patterns and synchronistic events that are showing up in our lives (group & individual work)
  • Meditation – Practical

Day time workshops 10.00 – 17.30pm

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Level (1) - Workshop @ €190.00 euros

Level (2) - Workshop @ €250.00 euros - (includes one to one session)

Level (3) - Workshop @ €350.00 euros - (included one to one and follow up support)

* Donations accepted please discuss

All materials supplied. Boards, glue, magazines. images etc

Workshop students are asked to bring a selection of magazines and images with them too if possible, these are to share and shall be used for cutting and pasting onto boards.