"Twin Flames" A4 signed Art Print

€ 15.00

Twin Flames. My inspiration at the time for this one piece of art which is in two parts was the subject of love and relationships. I have read and heard so many different stories about other peoples relationships being ‘twin flames ‘.  The idea intrigued me for a short while as I tried to figure out what it meant really to me  personally. I decided to paint an outline of figures that would represent both female and male aspects together.  There is alot of symbolism in this painting for me which I have shared in my book of paintings but I hope that you find your own meaning in these.  Basically these are a calling card for love,  kindness, freedom and harmony in relationships.  If you wish to receive the extended meaning of the painting it is available on the back of the print of the painting, addtionally I have written about it in my book. Please email me if you wish to purchase a copy of the book.   


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