"The Tree Spirit" A4 signed Art Print

€ 15.00

The Tree Spirit. This painting makes my heart expand in love.  During a time when I was focused on drumming rhythms for healing the heart and creating a ’root system’ and grounding energy this painting just appeared onto the canvas.  The Tree Guardian is also called the “Tree Spirit”, and he has the kindest soft face that makes me feel and think of Hugs.  There are bright energy colours around the roots that he is meditating on and this is symbolic of discovering my ’celtic shamanic roots’.  He is a both a part of the trees system and energy but in a form similar to a human.  I experienced and developed a deep love for some of the  200 year old trees that lived nearby the energy around them is very special.  I feel often that forests are like our temples and we need to do more work to protect them. To honor them. 

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