"The Guardian" A4 Signed Art Print

€ 15.00

This painting was created as a protector and to create a the sense of being protected. The figure of the white horse is placed in the position of the heart, there is a spiral in front of the horse and a blue figure which is almost human creates a space amid all the colourful spirals.  This painting is a reminder of being protected and guarded in ones life , whether during the day or night time, our dreams and thoughts are protected and we are safe.  There is a white ‘orb’ at the forehead of the horse and this is symbolic of ‘telepathy’ and a deeply shared connection.  There are yellow gold dots around the figure of the horse which represent a connection with source or spirit.

I painted this for small children so they would remember that they are protected and safe.  It is one of two paintings which are symbolic of protection or guardianship.  Additionally it is a protection for whose who are connected to horses and who like me have a deeper love for these majestic animals.