"Stag" A4 signed art print

€ 15.00

This is an image of a stag and it is one of my favourites.  The stag and deer energy is very special to me and to the Hill of Tara and it is connected to the very first summe solstice that I ever went to on the Hill of Tara.  There are many stories I can share with you about the stag but really this is an image of being gentle, swift, strong and moving invisibly in life.  They move as a herd and are safe being part of a herd, they are ancient beings that hold a special place in the hearts of many nations.  We owe alot to the deer and stag for their bodies as food, shelter, protection, their horns used and carved for many uses.  The originial painted was gifted to a very special intuitive friend who was going through many changes in her life as a reminder to inherit the qualities that the deer and stag possess, perhaps to copy some of the qualities that they possess.   The extended meaning is in my soon to be launched art book.


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