"Lady & The White Horse" A4 signed Art Print

€ 15.00

This painting is based on dreams and dreaming.  It is about a constant reoccurring dream of meeting a white horse as a small child and speaking with the horse  as one through my heart and mind.  The dream reoccurred over my lifetime. The White horse has come into my life at very significant times.  Either times of deep learning for me or of spiritual development.  I am the woman in the painting, I feel the White Horse represents the connection with ‘Source’ or ‘Spirit’ (a Celtic connection)

In the image I have painted dots which represent the sun and moon together above the figures, the moon is dream time and represents the female energy.  The sun represents the male energy and for this particular series of paintings in 2012 there was a reoccurring theme of the sun and moon together as    spirals within my paintings.  There is a golden dot on the forehead of the woman and of the horse which symbolised their connection and link  together.  This is about telepathy .  The many coloured dots is the way that I see energy and reminds me that everything is connected and made up of energy.  The Vision is about Male and Female energy in harmony and  sharing power  equally in the world.


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