Energy Healing Treatments

"Hello. Inhale. Breath deeply and relax. Many of us live busy lives and often we forget to take time just to give ourselves loving kindness and support.  Take a few moments for you today.  I am an energy healer, teacher and artist, I offer energy healing treatments by private appiontment".

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What happens during a healing treatment?

The most popular healing treatment that I offer is a gentle hands on healing treatment.  During this you remain fully clothed, the treatment is offered on a 'wooden plinth bed' where your body is supported with cushions, and you are kept warm and cosy with soft blankets.    Healing Testimonials

Before we begin I complete a regristeration form for your treatment and answer any questions you have about the treatment (which will be explained in full to you).  

I don't speak during healing sessions unless I need to check up on you or waken you back up!

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