(2) day Certified Course  

Reiki is a gentle hand’s on healing art which can be used at any time of day or night to restore balance and harmony; Reiki is something that can benefit everyone.Learn how to give Reiki to yourself, animals, places and things.

Day (1)

  • Learn about the energy field
  • The major energy centres known as chakras
  • The Endocrine Glands
  • Receive First Degree Attunement
  • Meditation & Healing

Day (2)

The Professional guidelines for a Reiki session / consultation

  • Examples of when you use Reiki
  • Hand Positions for a Self Treatment
  • Hand Positions for the treatment of another
  • Hand Positions for a chair Treatment
  • Receive the First Degree Attunement

Meditation & Healing

 It can help;

  • Reduce stress, help dissolve conflict, cut to the core of issues
  • Enhance self confidence, clarity of mind and communication
  • Compliments conventional therapies
  • Ease and remove aches and pains
  • Clear headaches, clarity of thinking and ideas
  • Improve and aid sleep
  • Empower life and business goals, increase focus and vision

For more information please view website/workshops – select a course/workshop.This course is facilitated by Sandra Nelson Reiki Practitioner & Teacher