Healing Testimonials

After a riding accident, where I was thrown and broke my collar bone, I was in some discomfort. The medication I had been prescribed for pain management upset my stomach and caused me to feel wobbly and lightheaded, soI contacted Sandra who is a spiritual healer and business consultant to ask for healing to aid my recovery.

 Knowing Sandra I had no hesitation asking her to work with me to help speed up my healing process. During the healing session I experiencedheat and a calm relaxing sensation helping sooth and ease my pain. I rested that day and experienced a good night’s sleep that continued during my recovery.

I recommend Sandra if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort or just want to have a tonic to boost your energy levels.Sandra helped me and definitely speeded up my own healing, and I know others who have been helped by Sandra and who also recommend her work".

Sarah Bird

My mum used Sandra for Reiki healing to help her sleep and find peace while she was in the final stages of a terminal illness.Mum passed away a short while ago but I know that she loved Sandra's visits as she always spoke about how good it made her feel mum would say that she loved Sandra's touch.Sandra helped mum prepare for and come to terms with what was ahead of her and I know that Sandra brought her alot of comfort and peace of mind.

Joan Daly, London