About the Chakra System

The word Chakra is the literary translation form Sanskrit meaning Wheel although often you may hear of the Chakra energy centres being referred to as a vortex.There are over 80,000 Chakras within the energy system, western society work with the major chakras; all are interpenetrating the energetic body and the physical body.In this class we are going to cover the Major Chakras of which there are 7, these major chakras are all found on a vertical channel or line down the front of the body however it is important to note that these Chakras actually run through our body’s so really there are 12 if one is to consider the back view of our anatomy.Where there is a crossover of meridians this is known as a chakra and a Chakra is like a wheel, it is a circular vortex of energy which is always present in the etheric Body.The chakras are representations of energy which contains knowledge and intelligence from our conscious in the same way that our aura is part of our consciousness they are denser than our aura but not as dense as our physical body but they interact with the physical body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system.

Interestingly anatomically within the body – where you find the chakras are positioned you will find major glands in the body which make up the endocrine system and with a particular group of nerves called a plexus thus can be linked with particular body functions that are controlled by that plexus or the endocrine associated with that chakra.First though let’s look closely at the 7 major chakras again, see the diagram below which provide you with an accurate picture of the front of the body and each of the major chakras

There are really 12 chakras if we count the 5 front chakras have an opposite at the back.Often our physical self is carried on our front throughout our lives, and we can see or perhaps glimpse someone's life and physical well being from what we can see and feel from the front.The back is also part of our life and it is here that all that we hold what is “hidden” in our life.

 Our physical body tells a tale about our thought processes which are reflected in our physical health. It is like a diary of our existence and can provide us with in-depth details about our journey through our lives.I would like to invite you attend one of my coffee mornings to meet and share with other like minded souls or if you would like to take control of your direction in life and attend one of my workshops you will find dates and full information on my website for Reiki, Psychic development, Present and Past life knowledge, Business Intuitive etc

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