Distant Healing

There are times when we need to lean and gain strength and support from those around us and from a higher source, there are times when we need to cultivate hope, compassion and love to help start our healing process and to carry us to brighter and lighter days...

Whether you are simply feeling flat and down in the dumps or if you are facing unknown times due to illness, worry or stress I would like you to send me the names and details of all whose you love and whom you wish to send distant healing too.I receive many requests from people who have loved ones facing unprecedented times in their lives, there are many living amongst us who are suffering and finding life difficult.Some are faced with news of terminal illness, the loss of loved ones, stress at work and depression.Whatever it may be I welcome your requests too add them to my daily healing meditation (this is free) there are details that I need from you to ensure that the healing is directed specifically to them.

All you need to do is to fill in the form on the contact us page and include the person’s full name, eye colour, and date of birth in the message box (if you have parents full names please include) and send off the information to me so I can include them in my daily healing meditation.

Our thoughts are the building bricks of the future and our intention is everything when it comes to helping bring hope, compassion and love to all life on earth.