Sandra Nelson is by self definitation a creative soul exploring her own spiritual connection with all people and places.Originally from Dungannon, Co Tyrone, N. Ireland Sandra has immersed herself in the vibrant culture of Dublin since her arrival her in 2002 and quickly found that the people and space became her home, a resting place and foundation for her.Sandra’s first book was published in March 2012 via Book an Irish owned boutique publishing house.

"A few people have attempted to attack me because my art is seen by them to resemble the art of aboriginal sacred art. I recently met a spokesperson for a group of Aboriginal Tribal leaders who travels internationally between various indigenous tribes worldwide. After sometime of inspecting my art she said that I had permission to paint this way which could be seen as similar to various tribal art.  And added that only in since 1920s have the aboriginal painted with dots, and only in the past year have they been visited in 'dream time' by spirit and asked to use the indigo blue colour that is within my own art, in fact this is one of my signature colours that I have been using since 2010.  

My own paintings have a back ground theme of what is within the unconsious and focuses on dreaming.  Its a shame that some people have choosen to take offence at my art and a comfort to know that I have been granted permission by one of their international spokespersons on the energy work that I do. I doubt the opinion of others ought to stop one from painting from ones soul".

My own path to painting is not a new path but one of discovery and adventure.I have always loved art and visited many art galleries around the world, I found that being in a gallery felt like I had come home, it was my ‘church’ so to speak I was at peace, learning, absorbing and enjoying the paintings or pieces of art there.We are all one and I both value and I am humbled by the notion that we are all dreaming up the new world, a new world for the future as a collective of peoples around the world, energetically connected and dreaming up a new world with every thought.

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