From an early age I have known that I have heat and energy flowing from my hands.  I could feel it myself and I knew that animals and people could feel it too.  Working as a healer essentially means that one “facilitates” healing. I trust that others draw on energy from a higher source which brings about their personal healing in the different parts of their lives.  I trained and qualified as a Reiki teacher in 2007 and I love using reiki on animals and people.

Much of the work that I do presently is around assisting people who are working on their inner vision, they are perhaps reflecting on their journey and many are seeking a deeper inward connection with their own life purpose and journey with the intention of creating an “alignment” within the various parts of their lives. 

I work with individuals in the following ways;

1    Energy Healing

2.   Intuitive Readings

3.   Workshops on Vision Boards using the Law of Attraction

4.   Sacred Art

I work with individuals on a one to one basis and run group workshops, to help each person to reconnect with source energy so they can use it to their greater good and pursue their chosen higher purpose. 

There are many testimonials published within my testimonial section of this website, my customers will illustrate the various ways that these gifts have helped many different people. I work from my heart centre.

As someone who is interested in my celtic roots and druidism my art work and paintings I believe are sacred and spiritual.  The sacred art that I paint is based on various subjects, dreams, themes and stories taken from both my own life and the lives of others.  I hope you enjoy my website thank you for taking time to engage and read this page.


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