Energy Healer, Artist, Author

Soul affinity a sacred calming space for the soul


Sandra Nelson is an energy healer and teacher who has been learning and practicing within the holistic arts for over 25 years.  Sandra practices safe, gentle hands on healing techniques drawing from ancient wisdom and knowledge. Trained as a reiki teacher she teaches energy healing and offers one to one treatments.  

For the past ten years one of Sandras passions and talents has been to teach Vision Board & Manifesting Workshops.  Sandra has developed her own style of teaching others how to design and create a board which is unlike any other workshop you may attend and combines a wide range of techniques that will bring success and rewards.  Sandra shall teach you how to incorporate this into your life so it becomes interwoven into your daily practice.

As an artist Sandra draws inspiration from a wide range of philosophies and cultures which can be see clearly in the paintings that she has created. Many of Sandras spiritual paintings are based on dreaming along with intuition and her love of nature, earth, animals and plants. Sandra's love of the Celtic Druid Spirit drew her to Co Meath in Ireland, where she lives in the shadow of the Hill of Tara. If you wish to know more about Sandra Nelson please read more here...


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